Welcome to Northern Capital Group

We are a privately held investment and consulting company founded in 1991 and headquartered in Pittsford, NY. Our primary business initiatives are:
• Investments in commercial real estate,
• Investments in real estate securities, and
• Consulting in a wide variety of areas including urban planning, land use and development, and finance.

Two of Northern Capital’s current investment funds are Northern Portfolio, LLC, and Northern Property Fund, LLC.  Northern Portfolio is an open-ended fund investing in the publicly traded securities of Real Estate Investment Trusts. Northern Property Fund makes direct investments in commercial real estate properties.

Northern Capital Group's sister company is RYCO Management, LLC, a commercial office manager and owner. RYCO’s owned and managed properties are primarily office buildings located in the Route 96 corridor of Pittsford, New York. More information is available at RYCO.

The principals of Northern Capital Group include former executives of Wilmorite Properties, Inc., a leading developer and manager of regional shopping malls and other commercial real estate properties.

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